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Flop Box 10


Meet the baddest bait cooler on the water. 
With a roto-molded body, chill plate insulated lid,
and lithium-ion battery-powered aerator,
the Flop Box is built to ensure your bait stays fresh
no matter the conditions.

ICAST 2023 Award Winner 




- Heavy-duty rotomolded construction 
- Fully insulated for temperature regulation 
- High-capacity rechargeable lithium ion aeration unit 
- LED battery level indicator 
- USB type C charge port, charger, 
and cable included
- Holds up to 10 quarts of water 
- Fully enclosed air supply transfers air without risk of obstructions
- Removable chill plate freeze pack on inner lid
- Internal basket with automatically lift when opened
- Front corners work as bottle openers & reinforced lock points
- Stainless steel hardware
- Lid latch system easily opens and closes with one hand
- Recessed aeration stone
- Durable aluminum carry handle 


Also available in White

Battery Pack Lithium Ion


- 23 Amp Hour 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery  

- Three power settings (high, low, low intermittent)
- Up to 115 hours constant runtime.
- Up to 180 hour intermittent runtime (over 3x the competition)
- Pump Airflow up to 3.2 Liters Per Minute (over 3x the competition)
- IPX4 water resistance rated Power Unit (higher ratings pending)
- Virtually indestructible roto molded high-quality polyethylene body
- Over 1.25 inch thick closed cell polyurethane foam insulation
- Encapsulated air hose completely eliminating air supply disruption 

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using the
chill plate

see them
in action

client review


Brandon, Kissimmee Special

I must say I’m mightily impressed!!!  I only surround myself with the best stuff on earth to make my life better. This will fit in perfectly!  First of all the packaging was out of this world. It was like opening a new iPhone!  I had my concerns about how durable the air box was gonna be. I can tell it’s extremely durable. I do believe in an emergency stop in the truck it will survive hitting the cab. The entire package is phenomenal. I was a manufacturing engineer for 30 years and I know quality when I see it.  For your first try out of the box you nailed it!!!  I want to meet the engineer who helped design this beast. This is exciting!

January 2023


All Patents Pending

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